Our Customers Love Clean Garbage Cans

Real testimonials from homeowners just like you, who love the clean, fresh smell of our services.

Bart and his Staff go above and beyond. I signed my house, my office and my parents up for the service. I was the envy of my neighborhood until my neighbors signed up with Blue Ridge for their bins to be washed.

I loved the ease of booking my appointments and the end results were amazing. I never realized how dirty my trash cans were. Give it a try and I promise you will be amazed.

As a small business owner, I am always happy to support a local small business. I was impressed by the pricing and end results. My trash cans have never looked so good.

For $240 for the year this is one thing I will gladly fork out the money. Very professional staff and the text reminders are great. I even signed up for the Valet service.

Lisa V.
I was one of the last ones in my neighborhood to sign up with Blue Ridge. I kept seeing the trucks and was too proud at the thought of someone washing my cans. Looking back at all the mess and time it took me doing it myself, I am extremely pleased to now pass the dirty work on to someone else.

Shawn H.
I never knew I needed this service until I relized it was a thing. I saw the truck one day and signed up. I couldn't believe how clean they got my trash can. No more stinky bins. Well worth the cost!

When I looked across the street and watched you service my neighbors cans, I knew this was a service I needed. When I called, their team walked me through the entire process.

I hate cleaning my trash bin with a passion. My wife was always on me about the smell because we keep it in our garage. I passed a neighbor having his cans cleaned by Blue Ridge and immediately signed up. It's worth every penny!

Justin S.
I used to load up my bin and take it to the car wash b/c I do not own a pressure washer and hated the thought of the dirty water in my driveway and yard. Now Blue Ridge performs the service without me lifting a finger.

Daniel M.
As a homeowner and single mom, I don't have time to clean my trash cans, so this service was a blessing! Would highly recommend to my neighbors, and I did.